Commercial clients and community managers. The savings can be significant!

Commercial clients and community managers. The savings can be significant!

Imagine you manage a community with 100 units. Let's say each resident does three loads of laundry per week, with an average of 2 residents per unit, which comes out to 31,200 loads per year! The average cost of drying one load is $.32, so that's $9,984 in energy per year! Now imagine that the dryer vents are dirty, and it takes two cycles to dry the clothes. The cost of energy to run the dryers is now over $18,000!

Longer run times cause premature failure of the dryer. If you have to run the dryer two times as long, the dryer will wear out two times as fast! The median cost of a dryer is $468; if you have to replace the dryers prematurely, you might spend $46,800 on new dryers!

Complaints about long dryer times from residents strain your maintenance staff and directors. It can create negative reviews that affect prospective residents' decisions.

Property damage and bodily injury: No need to expand on this; we can all imagine the cost, horror, and negative press a dryer vent fire could create.
Dryer vent cleaning pays for itself.

Benefits of clean dryer vents:
Lower dryer run times = lower power bills.
Fewer complaints from residents about dryers not working.
Longer dryer lifespan, your dryers will need to be replaced less often.
Significantly reduce the risk of fire, property damage, and injury.

Dryer vent Wizard tech testing the air flow in a commercial building, and retirement community
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